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China's wealth management products total $2.1 trillion

[2014-06-23 09:21]

Wealth management products have been booming in China in the past few years, totalling 12.8 trillion yuan by the end of May, a senior official of China's central bank said Saturday.

Forex growth continues in first quarter

[2014-06-19 20:31]

Chinarecorded a $7 billion surplus in its current account and a $94 billion surplus in its capital and financial account in the first quarter of 2014.

China to pay 20% of global energy outlay

[2014-06-19 20:16]

China is expected to invest around $5.7 trillion in energy supply between this year and 2035, accounting for 15 percent of global investment in the sector.

Chinese SOEs Jan-May profits improve

[2014-06-19 17:31]

China's State-owned enterprises (SOEs) saw faster growth in profits in the first five months of 2014 than in the January-April period, adding to signs of a stabilizing economy.

China's current, capital account surpluses continue

[2014-06-19 14:35]

China continued to see surpluses in both its current and capital accounts in the first quarter of this year, according to the final balance of payments data released on Thursday.

Standard Chartered: Nation's total debt surges to $22.7 trillion

[2014-06-19 07:10]

China's overall debt stood at 142 trillion yuan ($22.7 trillion), or 245% of GDP, as of March 31, Standard Chartered Plc estimated.

Home prices in more cities start to fall

[2014-06-18 09:57]

China's property sector continued to show signs of cooling in May, with new home prices in half of 70 major cities reporting month-on-month drops.

China's non-financial ODI drops Jan-May

[2014-06-17 15:10]

The combined outbound investment of Chinese companies declined during the first five months of 2014 due to plunges in major investment destinations, official data showed on Tuesday.

China sees rising number of new companies

[2014-06-17 13:09]

The number of newly registered companies has grown fast since a new registration rule took effect in the beginning of March, new data showed on Monday.

Iron ore production may scale new peak

[2014-06-17 07:03]

Production of iron ore in China, the world's biggest consumer of the key steelmaking ingredient, will climb to a record this year as bigger mines open.

China's FDI inflows down 6.7% in May

[2014-06-17 10:47]

Foreign direct investment (FDI) into the Chinese mainland fell 6.7 percent year on year to $8.6 billion in May, the Ministry of Commerce said on Tuesday.

Beijing housing sales slump 35%

[2014-06-17 09:58]

Home sales in Beijing slumped 34.9 percent year on year in the first five months of the year, a sign of cooling in property sector.

Net foreign currency purchases decline in May

[2014-06-17 07:03]

Net foreign currency purchases by Chinese lenders hit a nine-month low in May, on lower forex inflows and wider yuan fluctuations.

China's power consumption rises 5.2% in Jan-May

[2014-06-14 11:01]

In May alone, power use, an indicator of economic activity, gained 5.3 percent from a year ago, picking up speed from the 4.6 percent growth in April.

China's first quarter GDP grows 7.4%

[2014-04-16 10:19]

China's economy grew 7.4 percent year-on-year in the first quarter of 2014.

China's inflation up 2.4% in March

[2014-04-11 09:59]

China's consumer price index increased 2.4% year-on-year in March.

China's March PPI down 2.3%

[2014-04-11 10:14]

China's producer price index contracted 2.3 percent year-on-year in March.

China's exports down 6.6% in March

[2014-04-10 10:57]

China's exports went down 6.6 percent to $170.11 billion in March.

China's inflation up 2% in February

[2014-03-09 10:17]

Country's CPI increased 2% year on year in February, down from 2.5% in January.

Feb manufacturing PMI drops to 50.2

[2014-03-01 17:13]

China's PMI growth slowed in February for the third month running.