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China helps fuel global economic growth

[2013-07-29 10:04]

The West has been relying on cheap credit and debt to fuel growth ever since the 70s. It is China that props them up and, without China, their economies will collapse.

Getting to know about modern China

[2013-07-29 09:45]

A lot has changed since those days. For example today Beijing Capital Airport is a comfortable ultra-modern airport with many shops and kiosks.

Likonomics helps revitalize Chinese economy

[2013-07-29 09:45]

Likonomics will pave the way for a fair playground for competition among businesses. It will revitalize the economy and help to overcome the middle income trap.

China's economic policy 'wise'

[2013-07-29 09:16]

The central bank of China is rightly worried about excess credit. And they seem to be managing it in a sensible way.

Micro-bloggers talk about slowing economy

[2013-04-22 13:24]

China's economic recovery unexpectedly stumbled in the first three months of 2013,forcing analysts to start slashing full-year forecasts.

Micro-bloggers talk about losses of poultry sector

[2013-04-22 13:23]

China's poultry sector has recorded losses of more than 10 billion yuan ($1.6 billion) since reports emerged of a new strain of bird flu two weeks ago.

Some doubt authenticity of foreign trade data

[2013-04-15 13:35]

While some economists said the growth in imports would help dispel the concerns over continued demand in the long run, others have expressed doubts over the authenticity of the data.

Foxconn plans to robotize Shenzhen plant

[2013-02-25 11:23]

Foxconn Technology Group has halted recruitment at one of its key plants in Shenzhen owing to plans to further automate its production processes.

China vows to curb property prices

[2013-02-25 11:23]

China vowed to keep property price controls in place - such as curbs on the purchase of residential housing for investment purposes and by expanding the scope of property tax.

CNOOC-Nexen deal expects to close on Feb 25

[2013-02-18 11:05]

Nexen said on Feb 12 that the US committee had given the green light and that it expects the deal to close in the week of Feb 25.

Chinese tourists spend $85b overseas in 2012

[2013-02-18 11:04]

Chinese tourists spent $85 billion overseas in 2012, twice the 2011 annual profit of MobilOil Corp, the largest company in the world by revenue.

Chicken scandal bogs Yum! sales

[2013-01-28 11:00]

Chicken sold to KFC's parent Yum! Brands Inc in China contained excessive levels of chemicals, escalating a month-long food scare.

HK-Shenzhen finanical zone 'permissible'

[2013-01-28 10:59]

Cross-border yuan loans from Hong Kong to Shenzhen's Qianhai district, a 15-square-kilometer financial pilot zone, are now permissible.

Dec CPI reaches highest since May

[2013-01-14 11:19]

China's consumer price index, a main gauge of inflation, grew 2.5 percent year-on-year in December, the highest since May.

Passenger cars to get toll-free for Spring Festival

[2013-01-14 11:18]

Passenger cars with seven seats or less and motorcycles will get a free pass through toll roads, bridges and tunnels during the Spring Festival holiday.

Microblog insights

[2012-12-17 11:08]

Apple Inc's latest iPhone 5 handsets officially went on sale on Friday in the Chinese mainland. The world's longest high-speed rail route from Beijing to Guangzhou will open on Dec 26.

The Great Wall witnessed peak time during holiday

[2012-10-08 11:01]

As one of the hottest and most-visited scenic spots in Beijing, the Great Wall seemed to be overloaded with the huge number of tourists during the Golden Week holiday, as a photo taken by a micro-blogger showed. The photo gave that impression because of the angle of the shot.

Cosmetic surgery tourism boost during holiday

[2012-10-08 10:28]

During the just finished eight-day holiday, which combined Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day break, the number of Chinese visitors to South Korea was expected to reach a record high - about 100,000.

China scenic spots cut ticket prices for holidays

[2012-09-24 13:52]

As the eight-day Golden Week holiday approaches, a number of tourist attractions nationwide have cut their ticket prices.

Who get hurt when Japanese stores closed

[2012-09-24 10:57]

After the upsurge in the outbreak of anti-Japan sentiment, some Japanese companies that closed a couple of days before the special day have gradually resumed operations in China.

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