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Notable quotes from President Xi at G20 Summit

[2016-09-06 16:24]

President Xi Jinping shared his analysis on the main challenges the world is facing and spoke about his high hopes on what G20 members can do at the opening ceremony of the G20 Summit.

Ten expected achievements at G20 Hangzhou Summit

[2016-09-05 17:37]

Here are ten expected achievements at G20 Hangzhou Summit.

Technology can expand access to finance

[2016-09-05 07:30]

At a time when technology-driven microfinance services have become a key strategy to achieve financial inclusion, more efforts to improve the financial infrastructure are needed, experts say.

New issue a landmark for Special Drawing Rights

[2016-09-05 08:27]

The issuance of bonds denominated in Special Drawing Rights for the first time in China is a good starting point for promoting the expansion of SDR use among the G20 members, analysts said.

Themes of G20 Summits

[2016-09-02 08:22]

Themes of G20 Summits.

Birth and Development of G20

[2016-09-01 15:02]

Birth and Development of G20.

How did G20 cope with global financial crisis?

[2016-09-01 13:21]

How did G20 cope with global financial crisis?

What are G20 and B20?

[2016-09-01 13:47]

What are G20 and B20?

About G20 Hangzhou Summit

[2016-09-01 10:25]

About G20 Hangzhou Summit

The timeline of G20 Leader's Summit

[2016-09-01 10:24]

The timeline of G20 Leader's Summit.

Global snapshot

[2016-09-01 10:23]

Information about the G20 Summit in Hangzhou.

G20: Why Hangzhou?

[2016-08-31 09:40]

Hangzhou has a 5,000-year history. It covers an area of 16,000 square kilometers, with a population of 8.7 million.

Zhejiang province: Everything and more

[2016-08-30 11:25]

Zhejiang province is located in the southern part of the Yangtze River Delta and borders the East China Sea.

10 things you should know about G20

[2016-08-30 09:00]

G20 is a forum that brings together 20 systemically important industrialized and developing economies to discuss key issues in the global economy.

The G20 in Hangzhou - How it compares to previous summits

[2016-08-26 10:41]

This year, the "relay baton" of the 11th G20 Summit has passed to China. How does the summit held in East China's city of Hangzhou differ from the 10 previous event?

Infographic: China's industrial robot revolution

[2016-07-13 07:15]

According to the IFR, China has bought the most industrial robots each year worldwide since 2013, accounting for $8.5 billion of a global market of $32 billion in 2014.

China looks to transform the G20 into a platform for ongoing debate

[2016-08-19 07:56]

Working teams have been established to coordinate and implement potential action plans

Infographic: Highlights of China Q1 economic data

[2016-04-29 07:09]

China's economy is heading for a good start as indicated by a raft of data released for the first quarter of 2016.