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Reforms of Mexico, China set good example for world

(Xinhua) Updated: 2016-08-27 14:09

MEXICO CITY - Mexico and China have both made progress in their economic development thanks to the implementation of structural reforms, which could set a good example for the world, said Qiu Xiaoqi, the Chinese ambassador to Mexico.

Qiu made the remarks at the National Autonomous University of Mexico Thursday, during a meeting entitled "China's proposal as host of the G20 summit" ahead of the G20 summit in China's eastern city of Hangzhou on Sept. 4-5.

"China has undergone deep transformations and Mexico is also undergoing very important reforms which could become a good example for the world," said Qiu.

While acknowledging that the international economic situation "is very difficult," the ambassador said China will make a series of proposals during the summit to help with global economic growth.

"The building of infrastructure could strengthen links between countries, which can be of great help to the world. I feel that, above all we must have a sense of direction, alongside economic development and innovation. Any positive result must benefit all the countries of the world and all levels of society. On these topics, China and Mexico can cooperate," explained Qiu.

In this sense, he said China and Mexico's political relations "were at their best moment in history."

"We have maintained a high level of political dialogue. Trust is high and is strengthening between both governments and heads of state," noted Qiu.

Returning to the topic of the G20 summit, Qiu said Hangzhou "would see a great international meeting."

According to the ambassador, the G20 nations will seek "a cure for the world inject it with a new vitality, perfect the global economy's governance model and power a new driving force for world growth."

He recognized that while China holds the rotating presidency of the G20 "at a critical will do so responsibly."

"The entire world has its gaze turned on China and Hangzhou. The summit is arriving at a time of adjustment in the world economy, the transition of the Chinese economy and the transformation of the G20," Qiu said.

The summit, he said, would act as a meeting point for emerging nations to integrate China's economic characteristics with the global consensus of developed nations.

Qiu said the G20 economies could also create an action plan for the implementation of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, and start an initiative to help Africa's industrialization and countries that are least developed.

"It is hoped that around 40 concrete agreements will be finalized, making the Hangzhou summit one of the most fruitful," he concluded.

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