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China eyes world-class cyber-tech multinationals

(Xinhua) Updated: 2016-07-27 17:31
BEIJING - China aims to develop a number of cyber-tech multinationals by 2025, according to an official statement on Wednesday.

The "Outline of National IT Development Strategy" will steer IT development in China for the next decade.

By 2020, key technologies should be up to world standards, competitiveness of the industry must increase substantially and IT development will be a driving force for modernization.

By 2025, a leading global mobile communication network will be in place, ridding the country of reliance on overseas technology. Cyber security must be vastly improved, and a number of globally competitive multinational companies will be established.

The plan makes strengthening IT development capacity, promoting wider use of IT and optimizing the IT development environment the three basic strategic missions.

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