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China's Singles' Day shopping frenzy spreading to Brazil

(Xinhua) Updated: 2015-11-12 10:52

RIO DE JANEIRO - With Alibaba having broken Singles' Day shopping records in China, netting sales worth $14.2 billion, or a 60 percent rise, in 2014, the company has set its sights on replicating this success overseas.

With its online shopping platform, Aliexpress, having opened a dedicated Portuguese-language website this year, Brazilian shoppers can now enjoy Singles' Day in a way they never could before.

While shoppers in up to 200 countries have helped to make Singles' Day the phenomenon it has become, Aliexpress is reserving special attention to the Brazilian market this year.

Its Portuguese-looking website has teamed up with 20 of its best-selling brands to provide discounts to Brazilian shoppers. Chinese smartphone sensation, Xiaomi, which launched in Brazil earlier this year, cut the prices of its products by 30 percent on the day, with its Redmi Note 2, selling at $153.99, down from $219.99.

Chinese sportswear line, Li-Ning, also got in on the action, slashing its prices by up to 45 percent on its trainers and jackets.

Aliexpress' partnership with Brazilian Post, secured in 2014, also means that bargain-hunters can also count on receiving their latest purchases quickly and securely.

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