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Top 10 favorite gift brands of rich Chinese women

Updated: 2014-12-11 07:51 (

Wealthy Chinese gave fewer gifts in 2013, and the value of the gifts too dropped compared with the previous year, according to Hurun Report's Chinese Luxury Consumer Survey 2014.

It surveyed 393 wealthy individuals in six months. Among them, 41 had more than 100 million yuan ($16.1 million) in assets, and 352 had more than 10 million yuan.

The wealthy Chinese women, 40 percent of the total respondents, prefer yoga as their first leisure activity. When choosing gifts valued below 20,000 yuan, they tend to select alcohol and watches for men, and jewelries, clothes and watches for women.

Here are the top 10 brands that rich Chinese women prefer when it comes to gifts:

No 10, Bvlgari

3.6 percent female respondents' gift choice

Top 10 favorite gift brands of rich Chinese women
A Bvlgari shop is seen in Terminal 2 at Heathrow Airport in London June 4, 2014. [Photo / Agencies]

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