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Chinese technology blossoms in Mozambique

By Xinhua (China Daily) Updated: 2014-05-27 07:12

Chinese technology blossoms in Mozambique

A local farmer sends newly harvested rice to storehouses. Local farmers can get a rice yield of up to 400 kilograms per mu (1/15 hectares), up from 100 kilograms previously. Li Xiaopeng / Xinhua

Early in the morning, Rudy Manuel accompanies his father to the farm of their Chinese agricultural partner to sell their rice.

Late May is the end of the rice harvesting season in Mozambique. Rudy's family has 42 hectares of land in the Xai-Xai district of Gaza province in southern Mozambique, where they began working with a Chinese private enterprise, China Wanbao Co Ltd, in 2011.

They receive agricultural machinery and services provided by the company, and in return, they sell back the harvest at an agreed price.

Chinese technology blossoms in Mozambique 
Chinese technology blossoms in Mozambique
At a grain silo with a capacity of 10,000 metric tons, a conveyor carries grain into the cleaning machine, which removes the debris. Another conveyor takes the grain into the barn.

Manuel said that before the cooperation with Wanbao, the family's harvests were less than 3 tons per ha, with poor sales. In 2011, the family's income was so low that they almost lost their house, vehicles and other property as they scrambled to cover bank loans.

After the deal with Wanbao, things changed, Manuel continued, saying that "large-scale agricultural machinery came to our land. This secured the plantation and harvest, and we also no longer need to worry about sales. Without their help, things would be much more difficult."

Years of thorough field inspections supplied Chinese specialists with first-hand data about local farming conditions, and Wanbao carried on that work via cooperation with a local agricultural technology demonstration center founded years ago by the governments of the two countries, together with the support of the China Development Bank and the China-Africa Development Fund.

Gaza province offered the company 20,000 ha of land and signed a development agreement with Wanbao for a large area of idle land.

In less than three years, investment reached nearly $200 million, mainly in the construction of facilities, the purchase of machinery, land preparation, irrigation and electricity. Luo Haoping, the technician in charge of Wanbao's farm, said that the company uses three forms of cooperation to help with local development.

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