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Fireworks should be banned

(China Daily) Updated: 2014-01-23 08:07

Comment on "Web crackles with anti-fireworks frenzy" (China Daily, Jan 21)

The campaign shows how the power of the people and Internet can improve our society, and I support the appeal to ban fireworks during Spring Festival.

There are bound to be contradictions between traditional and modern lifestyles, and that's why we need to solicit people's opinions and hold public debates on how to tackle social problems.

I understand people who treasure the value of Spring Festival and want to celebrate family reunion the traditional way. In fact, the beautiful fireworks I enjoyed as a little boy remain etched in my mind and will forever be the symbol of Spring Festival for me.

But in today's environmental conditions, the harmful effects of setting off fireworks overweigh the pleasures of doing so. Fireworks create noise and air pollution both, worsening the already poor air quality in the country.

It is thus surprising to see even people who complain about the worsening air quality set off fireworks during the Spring Festival holidays. I believe Spring Festival can be celebrated without polluting the atmosphere and the online anti-firework campaign is a good platform to ask people to change their mindset and way of celebration for their own as well as society's benefit.

Lion Mo, via e-mail

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