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Look after migrant workers, urges Long Yongtu

By BAO CHANG ( Updated: 2013-01-09 16:58

China should place the highest priority on promoting the interests of migrant workers during its ongoing urbanization process, according to Long Yongtu, former vice-minister of foreign trade and economic cooperation.

Long was speaking at an urnanization summit held by the China International Urbanization Development Strategy Research Committee in Beijing.

"Without efforts and devotion of workers who migrated from rural areas, the Chinese economy could not have grown so fast over the past decade. Now, we should help migrant workers to be socially integrated to city life," Long said.

The government should provide more job opportunities for these workers and resolve the housing problem for them, Long said.

Guo Wanda, executive vice-president of the China Development Institute in Shenzhen, said efforts should be made to raise salaries of migrant workers.

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