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Chinese Premier urges efforts to boost jobs

[2012-07-18 09:39]

Premier Wen Jiabao on Tuesday called for more efforts to expand employment, urging authorities at all levels to prioritize job creation.

764.2m people employed in China by end-2011

[2012-06-05 09:00]

BEIJING - A total of 764.2 million people were employed in China as of the end of 2011, including 359.14 million who worked in urban areas.

Chinese grads prefer to work in smaller cities

[2012-05-23 17:14]

About 55 percent of Chinese college students choose to work in second-tier cities after graduation, according to the results of a survey.

Pregnant employee may file lawsuit over sacking

[2012-05-10 13:33]

A mother-to-be is threatening to sue her former employer for sacking her after she became pregnant.

Outsourced workers call for change

[2012-05-07 07:23]

If you were doing the same job at the same level as another person but were paid less and enjoyed fewer social welfare benefits simply because you were an outsourced worker, how would you feel?

All work, little play is the norm, poll finds

[2012-05-02 09:54]

Every three in 10 employees on the Chinese mainland work 10 hours or longer per workday, according to a new survey. 

Workforce shortage a structural problem

[2012-04-16 09:15]

A lack of skilled technical workers coexists with the difficulty most students and recent graduates have experienced in finding full-time employment.

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