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Foreign Catering Brands Raise Hygiene Concerns

[2011-08-19 14:13]

Chinese usually perceive foreign brands as the benchmarks for quality. However, the quality of foreign catering brands and foods have been called into question: food safety was of concern, marketing claims were explored, and consumers assessed the extent to which advertisements reflected the true quality of a product.

Some foreign fast food is harder to swallow

[2011-08-15 16:03]

Foreign fast food loyal fans now doubt the quality.

Concerns raised over food quality

[2011-08-15 11:32]

People are losing confidence in the safety and quality of food in China following claims that concentrated ingredients are used by some restaurants. Industry experts are urging restaurant

Tests find oil used by KFC not harmful

[2011-08-11 13:47]

While consumers worry about the consequences of eating food cooked in recycled oil, officials have confirmed that the oil used by the US fast-food giant KFC is safe.

KFC denies excessive brightener in containers

[2011-04-27 13:24]

Shanghai KFC Co Ltd said that paper containers for its "family barrels" meet national standards in terms of fluorescent brightener, National Business Daily (NBD) reported.

Fast-food prices rise as cost of materials increases

[2011-01-04 10:39]

Amid a surge in raw-material costs in China, competition among foreign restaurant chains in the country is turning fiercer, as some increase prices and others carry out special promotions.

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