Business / High street fashion in China

Karen Millen brings 'affordable luxury' to mainland

[2012-10-11 10:39]

British fashion brand Karen Millen has launched on the Chinese mainland with a first store in Beijing, another expected next year in Shanghai, and a plan to open a chain of 60 stores across the country within the next five years.

H&M: China is the fastest growing market

[2012-10-06 09:35]

H&M has been expanding quickly since its entry into China in 2007, and its CEO Karl-Johan Persson believes there is still huge potential in China.

H&M: Democratic style keeps price flat

[2012-10-01 10:37]

By the end of August, H&m had a presence in more than 45 countries with its 2,629 stores. The Swedish brand has been expanding quickly since its entry into China in 2007.

Suburban malls steal trade from city centers

[2012-09-17 10:42]

Due to competition from new business formats, traditional department stores will continue to close or be upgraded over the next one to two years.

Garment makers over-stocked

[2012-09-17 09:14]

Amid garment factory closedowns and the relocation of investors to less costly countries, the stockpiling of unsold inventory has risen to a critical height.

Zara opens online store in China

[2012-09-06 09:12]

Spanish based clothes chain Zara has opened its online store in China on Wednesday.

Newcomers in China may find market saturated

[2012-07-20 10:06]

Despite slumping sales, rising costs and increasing competition, foreign retailers are still eager to venture into crowded shopping streets.

Fashion houses 'need to clean up their act'

[2012-04-18 09:47]

The fashion industry is no longer as glamorous as it may appear and by wearing a pair of jeans you may have contributed to the pollution of China's rivers.

Online shopping gaining popularity

[2012-04-14 11:19]

Shopping in the fashionable stores of New York, London and Paris may soon be a thing of the past for Chinese customers.

Chinese NGOs say big brands buy from polluting textile firms

[2012-04-11 10:36]

Chinese environmental campaigners have accused 46 Chinese and multinational clothing brands and retailers of purchasing from suppliers who illegally discharge polluted water in China.

Gap tailors plans for billion-dollar mainland business

[2011-11-04 10:02]

Gap Inc expects China to become a billion-dollar business in three to four years as the largest US apparel-chain operator speeds up expansion in the country, said David Zoba, the retailer's senior vice-president for global real estate.

The other side of foreign brands

[2011-11-03 14:55]

Many Chinese people love foreign goods, especially reputable brands. The wealthy flock to Paris, New York and Hong Kong snapping up goods ranging from bags and jewelry to milk powder.