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Challenges of charging ahead in electric cars

[2010-12-13 13:15]

Media reports last summer from China said the government plans to invest 100 billion yuan ($15 billion) to support the development of electric vehicles and advanced battery technology in the country.

New-energy cars take off in China with government support

[2010-12-10 11:27]

The central government pays a subsidy of up to 50,000 yuan to any citizen that buys a plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) and 60,000 yuan for an all-electric, or battery-electric vehicle (BEV). Local governments also pay subsidies.

China's vehicle tax bill draft receives comments from public

[2010-12-08 11:27]

China's top legislature has received over 97,000 comments from the public on the draft law on vehicle and vessel taxation, one month after it released the full draft and invited opinions.

All-electric bus may help BYD drive into US

[2010-12-07 10:38]

BYD Company Limited's first vehicle to hit the US road might be an all-electric bus and the US market is set to be the company's largest overseas market.

Batteries still drag 'green vehicle' effort

[2010-11-15 07:54]

After 100 years, efficient power storage remains hurdle for electric cars

Electric cars to spark market

[2010-11-10 14:29]

All-electric cars are the only area where Chinese automobile companies are likely to play a leading role in the global market, Chen Quanqing, president of the World Electric Vehicle Association, said on Monday.

Vehicle emission major source of air pollution

[2010-11-04 22:30]

Emissions from motor vehicles have become the major source of air pollution in China's large and medium sized cities, according to a report issued Thursday by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Prioritize greening

[2010-10-28 14:55]

The hot debate among China's top legislators over a draft law on vehicle taxation highlighted two of the most pressing challenges that the country faces - energy conservation and bridging wealth gap.

JAC joins rush toward 'green' vehicles

[2010-08-16 11:10]

Domestic truck maker Jianghuai Automobile Co (JAC) announced last week that it will produce new-energy vehicles in a 30 billion yuan ($4.41 billion) joint venture with a foreign-funded company, the latest Chinese automaker to make a foray into clean vehicles.

Green leapfrog crucial to Geely's future

[2010-08-04 14:44]

The completion of Geely's buyout of the Volvo car brand from Ford Motor Co Monday is certainly a time to rejoice considering that this may be regarded as a pivotal moment in the global car industry's center of gravity shifting from the West to China.

China's auto production base steers to 'green' future

[2010-07-23 11:39]

Visitors to an international automobile fair in Northeast China this year noticed a change taking place at the event: a greater number of hybrid and all-electric vehicles on display.

Shenzhen offers subsidies for green cars

[2010-07-07 09:44]

The city of Shenzhen began offering subsidies for new-energy vehicles on Tuesday, as part of broader national program to encourage fuel-efficiency.

Subsidies set to spur green car development

[2010-07-02 09:23]

The new subsidies announced by the government will not only prompt automakers to manufacture more fuel-efficient vehicles but also make considerable progress in terms of technology and reduced emissions, analysts said on Thursday. BYD, Changan approved for energy-efficiency subsidies

BMW hybrids gear up for greener future

[2010-06-21 10:09]

As automakers worldwide gear up to produce alternative-energy vehicles, BMW is on track to fulfill its own commitment to save energy and reduce emissions while enhancing driving pleasure.

Debate on green car subsidy

[2010-06-08 17:30]

Some auto-industry veterans said subsidies for fuel-efficient vehicles should be given directly to consumers, instead of being handed to manufactures, National Business Daily reported on June 8.

Beijing Auto Expo focuses on green technology

[2010-04-26 09:28]

With the latest models and techniques at the show, the eleventh Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, or Auto China 2010, officially kicked off in Beijing on Sunday.

Auto Special: Mercedes-Benz lineup displays 'green luxury'

[2010-04-22 07:55]

'BlueEfficiency' strategy sets auto icon on path toward reaching the dream of zero emissions

Renting a car 'greener' than owning

[2009-12-22 07:48]

As world leaders gathered in Copenhagen to discuss a new pact to slow climate change, an innovative and simple idea has been raised to lessen greenhouse gas emissions - renting, instead of owning, a car.

Hummer to go lean and green after sale

[2009-06-19 07:38]

"The Hummer of tomorrow is not as the same as the Hummer of today. It has to be more fuel efficient, it is a must, and with a new investor we are going to change the image of Hummer," CEO Jim Taylor said.

Interact with Ford and experience a greener future

[2009-04-20 07:50]

Demonstrating its commitment to a greener, smarter and safer future, Ford Motor Company is displaying a series of exciting vehicles and leading technologies through exciting and fun interactive displays at the Shanghai Auto Show (W5 stand).

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