Business / CSRC to bolster up stock market

Regulator publishes credit system rules

[2012-08-01 15:51]

The top securities regulator published the first package of regulations for the credit system of the stocks and futures markets.

New stock regulations to boost confidence

[2012-07-21 02:15]

China's top securities regulator is planning to launch a slew of policies to reduce securities transaction costs and and shore up investor confidence.

IPO financing set to slide to lowest

[2012-06-20 09:32]

Chinese IPO financing in the first half of this year is set to dip to a three-year low, due to a shortage of funds and few large companies going public.

Policy easing to lure QFIIs

[2012-06-16 09:29]

Further policy easing is expected to attract more QFII to the mainland market preparing for the complete opening of the capital account.

New licenses issued for 7 qualified QFII

[2012-06-15 15:07]

The China Securities Regulatory Commission granted new licenses for seven qualified foreign institutional investors in May, signaling the faster opening up of the financial market.

CSRC aims to boost listings from western region

[2012-05-31 08:04]

The China Securities Regulatory Commission said on Wednesday that it will prioritize IPO applications from companies in western China, and their listings will be equally distributed between the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges.

CSRC seeks to stabilize economic growth

[2012-05-28 11:20]

CSRC plans to improve the mechanism for private companies to raise funds by issuing IPOs and refinancing, aiming to boost the nongovernmental business sector and stabilize economic growth.

CSRC revises rules on securities issuing

[2012-05-22 16:33]

Securities issuers and lead underwriters can negotiate to decide an offering price and use other methods besides inquiry.

Chinese regulator unveils improved IPO reform guidelines

[2012-04-29 01:53]

The move aims at improving information disclosures accuracy, and making pricing more reasonable.

Pilot plan to help small enterprises get funding

[2012-04-27 10:52]

A pilot program that would allow small, non-listed companies to issue bonds to investors has been submitted for government's final approval.

CSRC chief: value investment returning

[2012-04-21 17:12]

China's chief securities regulator has said that the principle of value investment has started to return to the capital market in the first quarter of 2012.

Approval process more transparent

[2012-04-21 09:50]

China's top securities regulator will use a more transparent information system to allow new fund companies to receive approvals faster.

China ready for SME private placement bonds

[2012-04-06 01:13]

China has established the basic institutional framework for the launch of private placement bonds for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), according to comments made on Thursday.

China expands RQFII, QFII investment quota

[2012-04-04 13:26]

China's securities authorities announced Tuesday that it has expanded its RMB RQFII pilot program by increasing the investment quota by 50 billion yuan from the previous 20 billion yuan.

Plan would cut taxes on cash dividends

[2012-03-20 09:10]

The China Securities Regulatory Commission aims to eliminate double taxation of listed companies' cash dividends, a senior agency official said.

CSRC calls for 'rational investment'

[2012-03-02 07:55]

Guo Shuqing, China's top securities regulator, said there is great value in long-term investments.

CSRC looks to reduce 'irrational' speculation

[2012-02-24 09:26]

China's top securities regulator is seeking methods to curb irrational speculation.

CSRC curbs 'irrational investments'

[2012-02-23 13:45]

China's top securities regulator is busy seeking methods to curb irrational speculation, including prompting the de-listing mechanism and improving risk-warning systems for private investors.

CSRC tightens rules on acquisitions

[2012-02-21 09:57]

China's top securities regulator moved on Monday to tighten its supervision of listed companies' acquisitions, with moves to make disclosures of transactions more transparent.