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Beidou to navigate more vehicles in China

[2013-01-15 11:14]

Major transportation vehicles in parts of China are now required to use homegrown Beidou Navigation Satellite System.

China issues commemorative coins for aircraft carrier

[2012-12-28 15:19]

The People's Bank of China on Friday issued a set of gold and silver commemorative coins featuring China's first aircraft carrier.

City of Beijing encourages satellite navigation sector

[2012-11-21 20:41]

The municipality of Beijing is encouraging investment in the navigation and location-based services industry, suggesting there is a market worth at least 50 billion yuan ($8 billion) by 2015 after China put its own satellite navigation network into commercial use.

Document to navigate Beidou to be released

[2012-11-10 06:19]

China is likely to release a document deemed vital for mass application of its Beidou navigation satellite system by the end of the year as it is ready to provide services overseas, according to experts.

Promising navigation net

[2012-11-07 07:52]

That China has joined the satellite navigation and positioning club alongside the United States, Russia and the European Union shows the importance the country has attached to innovation and technology.

Locating system to help map the future

[2012-11-07 03:01]

A navigation system, capable of almost pinpoint accuracy, will cover more than 100 cities and benefit at least 200 million people across the nation.

China Mobile plans industrial park for Beidou system

[2012-11-06 16:52]

China Mobile has started construction on an industrial park in Northeast China to boost the application of China's BeiDou Navigation Satellite System.

China launches satellite for navigation

[2012-10-26 06:48]

China successfully launched another satellite into space for its indigenous global navigation and positioning network at 11:33 p.m. Beijing Time Thursday, the launch center said.

China's expanding GPS protesting fishing

[2012-10-22 12:55]

China's indigenous satellite navigation system and positioning network is helping to improve fishing safety and saves lives after being installed on all fishery patrol vessels.

China's Beidou system ready for Asia-Pacific service

[2012-10-16 03:15]

A 16th satellite will be added to China's indigenous satellite navigation system, Beidou, within this month, paving the way for the network to provide services to the Asia-Pacific.

Navigation satellite to be launched in late Oct

[2012-10-15 16:18]

A new satellite for China's homegrown Beidou navigation system will be launched at the end of October to join 15 satellites already in orbit, the Beijing News reported on Monday.

China builds highly accurate navigation system

[2012-10-10 20:59]

China is building a highly accurate navigation system, the Ministry of Science and Technology said.

China Spacesat gets $18m govt support

[2012-09-22 16:10]

China Spacesat Co Ltd, the nation's key developer of small satellites, said on Saturday that it will obtain 116 million yuan ($18.3 million) in government financial support.

China launches two satellites for navigation system

[2012-09-19 10:51]

China successfully launched another two satellites into space for its indigenous global navigation and positioning network at 3:10 am Beijing Time Wednesday.

Shanghai to promote homegrown satellite navigation services

[2012-09-12 19:33]

Shanghai is seeking to market a homegrown satellite navigation technology by setting up a navigation and positioning platform and an inspection center.

Navigating the future

[2012-09-07 10:27]

Though dark clouds are looming over the global financial landscape, Ma Weihua believes that there is still light at the end of the tunnel for enterprises that have "innovation" as their calling card.

Tech base established for Beidou system

[2012-08-23 06:59]

A base for promoting technological innovations for China's Beidou satellite navigation system has been established in Shanghai.

Satellite-navigation industry growth roars

[2012-08-22 10:38]

China's satellite-navigation industry and location-based services are set to play an increasingly important role in the next decade.

Beidou navigation system to have test network

[2012-08-04 14:04]

China will build a testing and certification network for its Beidou satellite navigation system over the next three years to sharpen the system's global competitiveness.

China to support geoinformation industry

[2012-08-01 10:03]

China may give favorable policies in August to the geoinformation industry, predicted to produce $157 billion goods and services by 2020.

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