2011 Amazing China invites you!

Updated: 2011-07-06 16:16


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The program aims to showcase the glamour of Chinese cities and their readiness in attracting foreign talents and intelligence, to explore the priority and values when they decide on job-hunting and entrepreneurship in China; to guide cities to pay greater attention to creating a favorable working and living environment so as to bring in more high-level foreign personnel.



International Talent Magazine


China's Research Association of International Talent Exchange and Development

Cooperation Partners:

www.chinadaily.com.cn (the website and media partner)

Horizon Research Consultancy Group (Partner responsible for designing the job evaluation system and publishing the selection results)

Media Supporter:




China Radio International

Consultants Team (plans to invite 20 experts)

We plan to invite twenty specialists on talents management from home and abroad to form a Consultants Team and provide professional guidance on the city selection, evaluation system as well as the voting process.

Foreign Experts Panel (plans to invite 40 experts)

The 40-member panel will be composed by 34 winners of Chinese Government "Friendship Award," one senior foreign expert, and five other prestigious foreign experts.

Candidate cities

All Chinese cities at prefecture level or above (excluding HK, Macao and Taiwan)



Considering the general situation of each city in attracting foreign talents, severing foreign talents, and making full use of their talents and intelligence, the most attractive, foreign talents-friendly city evaluation should be based on the following four major criteria: the policy environment, the administrative environment, working environment and living environment.


1. Preliminary Internet selection: Foreigners may vote online to choose their favorite Chinese candidate cities.

2. Based upon the audition results on the Internet, 20 cities will enter into the first round, and organizer will provide more detailed information of those winning cities in English.

3. Final Round: Ten Most Attractive Chinese Cities for Foreigners and the Ten Nominated Chinese Cities for Foreigners will be selected separately on the comprehensive consideration of three results - Votes online, choices of about 500 foreign persons via finishing the printed form electric form, and choices of 40 members of Foreign Experts Panel. In the selection, the Horizon Research Consultancy Group will assign different weights to the three results and produce the final winner list with the cooperation of Consultants Team.


From July to August 30th: the Internet-based selection to choose 20 cities with the largest number of votes.

From September 1st to December 10th: the publication of the 20 candidate cities, and the next round of Internet voting.

September 20th to December 10th: vote by the foreign experts.

January 2012: the final result will be released to the public after the authorization of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and the State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of China.