Ancient wisdom guides growing relations

Updated: 2014-08-23 07:51

By ZHANG YUNBI (China Daily)

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President Xi Jinping quoted a range of famous Chinese sayings during his speech at the State Great Hural of Mongolia on Friday to show his faith in the bilateral relationship. Excerpts:


Ancient wisdom guides growing relations 

President Xi visits Mongolia 
Distance tests a horse's stamina; time tells a man's heart.

・ Xi said Mongolia was among the first group of countries to establish diplomatic relations with China. He reiterated China's gratitude for the support from Mongolia.


A pavilion closer to the waterfront has better access to moonlight.

・ Xi said the two countries share a border and their economies are complementary-China has markets, funds, technology and channels, while Mongolia boasts a rich stock of resources.


Nothing but peace at our doorstep can reassure us and make us dedicated to our own affairs.

・ Xi said China has "two centenary goals", and achieving them requires good neighborly conditions. The two strategic goals are to complete the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects, and to turn China into a modern socialist country.


Take harmony as a treasure, and be kind to others.

・ Xi said China is a peace-loving nation, and Chinese culture pursues harmony. He underscored China's commitment to peaceful resolutions of international disputes and its pledge to never seek hegemony or expansion.


Do not treat others in ways (you) do not want them to treat you.

・ Xi said the Chinese nation has undergone great suffering in modern history, and its people will never impose their painful experiences on others.


Where many help to gather firewood, the flames of a campfire rise high.

・ Xi said China is ready to provide to neighboring countries, including Mongolia, the opportunities and space for joint development.


A trip made alone is faster; a group journey covers a greater distance.

・ Xi drew an analogy between China's development and a train, and he said he welcomes China's neighbors to "ride on the train". He said, "Taking either a fast ride or just a free ride is welcome".


Be true in word and resolute in deed.

・ Xi said China maintains a proper outlook on justice and benefit when pressing ahead with cooperative agendas, and the interests of China's counterparts will be taken care of when it comes to specific programs.