Christmas help needy


2013-12-25 02:25

Christmas help needy

Romualdo Redona and his younger sister Angel offer prayers and candles as they visit the graves of their siblings, who were victims of the onslaught of super typhoon Haiyan, buried in a vacant lot along a main road in Tanuan, Leyte province, central Philippines December 23, 2013. Redona had 9 siblings, four of whom died along with their mother as super typhoon Haiyan ravaged their town a month ago. [Photo / Agencies]

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Mobile Device runs on solar and kinetic power

The Infinite Mobile Device by Taiwan design student Tony Deng presents a more sustainable cell phone charging system.

Reduce energy demands with the Solar Skin

The outer walls of the house are never exploited well. They just help mark the territory and prevent us from harsh sunrays, rainfall, winds, and cold weather. However, if you wish to extract much more out of plain walls of your house, then have a look at Solar Skin that will unfurl a multitude of functions for a better living.

Sustainable street light

Sustainable street light presents an intricate blend of biological sculpting and automation

China, Japan and ROK hold air pollution summit

China, Japan and the Republic of Korea will hold a summit to tackle air pollution and promote green industries in Langfang, Hebei province, from Dec 14 to 15.

China urges developed nations to fulfill funding commitments for climate change

Head of the Chinese delegation to the UN climate change conference Wednesday urged developed nations to fulfill funding for fighting climate change.

Chinese scientist awarded Volvo Environment Prize

Chinese scientist Qin Dahe was awarded here the 2013 Volvo Environment Prize Tuesday night for his outstanding scientific contribution in the field of climate change.