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Urban visionary with green growth plans

[2014-08-25 07:16]

Sein-Way Tan is a modest man with a global ambition - to make cities environmentally sustainable and economically vibrant.

Smog shrouds Beijing again

[2014-03-03 13:21]

Smog shrouded Beijing again on Monday, three days after the city lifted its orange alert for heavy air pollution.

Eco-island points the way for green building

[2014-03-13 08:33]

The United Nations has praised green initiatives on Shanghai's Chongming Island and will cite them in its publications as a prime example of ways to boost ecological development.

Battling to be green

[2014-03-12 07:29]

The war on pollution-and it is not just air pollution that needs to be addressed-is therefore a battle of great significance for people's livelihoods.

Smog becoming key test for Chinese officials

[2014-02-27 08:49]

Smog has blanketed the Chinese capital for at least a week and the Great Hall of the People, where lawmakers will meet next week for the country's parliamentary session, is hardly visible.

Lung cancer cases linked to air quality

[2014-02-27 08:49]

A type of lung cancer reported to be increasing in Beijing has been linked to worsening air quality, with an expert warning that the potential health impact could be much greater than the SARS epidemic in 2003.

Smog a 'two sessions' concern for China's provinces

[2014-01-21 11:27]

Unlike pollution-dogged Beijing, smog is new to Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, which has long boasted a good natural environment.

Good garbage sorting to be rewarded in capital

[2014-01-20 21:00]

Beijing residents who classify their garbage correctly prior to collection will be rewarded this year, the city's environment authority said on Wednesday.

Wetlands expand in NW China

[2014-01-18 18:26]

Northwest China's Qinghai province has seen an expansion of its wetlands in the past decade, the provincial forestry department announced on Saturday.

HK govt strives to improve air quality

[2014-01-15 15:22]

Hong Kong Chief Executive CY Leung said Wednesday that environmental protection is one of the priorities of the current-term government.

Shrinking of wetlands spurs call for regulation

[2014-01-14 07:26]

Nearly 9 percent of China's wetlands have vanished over the past decade as urban development has increased, a change that experts said shows the need for regulation to protect the natural resource.

Exploiting the green, green grass of home

[2014-01-08 07:06]

Authorities in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region are considering building a successful business model for ecological industry on the vast prairies.

Beijing to control vehicle pollution

[2014-01-03 14:54]

Beijing will extend its air quality monitoring network with more stations and focus on vehicles with high emission, confirmed the city environmental authority.

Beijing sees little improvement in air quality in 2013

[2014-01-03 01:53]

Despite pledges in the last year to fight pollution, Beijing saw barely any improvement in air quality in 2013.

Shanxi plan tackles air pollution

[2014-01-01 21:00]

Shanxi province has put forward a contingency plan to deal with heavy air pollution.

Chinese city bans polluting fireworks

[2013-12-30 21:54]

Authorities in a central Chinese city Monday called off a New Year fireworks show to avoid further dirtying the already smoggy air.

Air quality information publication urged

[2013-12-25 21:59]

China's state environmental watchdog on Wednesday urged local environmental departments to make air quality information public and respond to public concerns in a timely manner.

Smoggy Chinese cities to clear the air

[2013-12-19 22:05]

China has introduced various emergency responses and long-term measures against air pollution in the central and eastern regions.

Chinese cities sort out trash

[2013-12-13 01:07]

Besieged by piles of garbage, big cities in China are trying to sort out the long-running saga of waste sorting.

Green buses to hit Beijing roads by 2017

[2013-12-13 07:52]

Beijing will replace 80 percent of its buses with new-energy and clean-fuel vehicles by the end of 2017 in an attempt to reduce vehicle emissions.

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