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Go Boating in Jinan

Updated: 2012-09-20 08:53

Go Boating in Jinan
Go boating on the moat of Jinan to appreciate the attractive glamour of the city of springs.

In mid August the year before last, we travelled around the city by boat, starting the trip on the barge from the Pipa Bridge Station and sailing on westwards in the drizzle. We found ourselves in the midst of a veritable fairyland, where the pavilions, weeping willows and tourists loomed through the humid haze. The particularly appealing sight was the spring waterfall of the picturesque Five Dragons' Pool Park,which was spectacular and just like nature itself in the rain-curtain. The painted barge continued to go north, passing through the arched bridge to its destination of the misty Daming Lake. The sun came through after the rain when the boat was at the Beiji Pavilion, where we enjoyed a distant view southward of the Thousand Buddha Mountain. A magnificent scene that was composed by lotuses, willows, mountains and the half-city lake was laid out before us.

The second round-the-city trip was in October last year, which was the wet season of springs. Watching through the porthole, we saw spring water joining the pure and clear moat. The boat sailed into Xiaodong Lake by way of the new scenic area of Daming Lake and the Quehua Bridge, while we dreamed of a time in the watery town, when willow branches were sweeping the surface of the water. There is a small wetland park standing beside the water where children luxuriate in their leisure time, contributing a swarm of vitality to the city moat.

The third pleasure trip on the city moat was in an evening in early winter. There were neon lights going in and out beautifully on each side of the river, constituting a harmonious picture characterized by the brilliant and lustrous waterfront scenes. On the two side walls of the moat, there are exquisite relief carvings, telling stories of the local history and wonderful poetry.

Traveling by boat in Jinan, from which we are always discovering something new, gives us aesthetic satisfaction not only for its enchanting scenery but also for the cultural connotations.

Go Boating in Jinan


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