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The lives of stay-at-home dads

The lives of stay-at-home dads

The job of being a full-time hands-on father was both a challenging and daunting task for me, especially because, in India, the concept of a caretaker daddy is alien.

My family, both immediate and extended, were supportive. My uncle, aunt, mother and sister chipped in to support me too. And needless to say, my wife also supported and took care of Yahya when she was home.

Unlike many countries, India is a male-dominated country and conservative when it comes to such situations. Many looked down on me, thinking that I was being a lesser man and that I shouldn’t be doing what I was doing. Some smirked at me for being a stay-at-home dad.

But I was happy that life gave me an opportunity to be with my son, so I grabbed it with both hands. Because, the true happiness one gets while caring for a child, remains with him or her forever.

But, freelance work during that time had its limitations, and soon I had not much work, so I had to look for full time jobs. I got China Daily's offer and after four months of confusion about whether or not to leave Yahya, I acceptedit in April. (More)