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The lives of stay-at-home dads

The lives of stay-at-home dads

Mika Dong plans to quit his job in August and start a brand-new life as a stay-at-home father. The 34-year-old moved to Shanghai from nearby Zhejiang province seven years ago. Now he has a two-year-old son to care for.

"Thanks to this bull market, I can fulfill my plan right now," he said, adding that his profits from the stock market are worth two or three times his salary. "I speculate on the stock market but not on the babysitting. I mean it. as I have made a detailed plan for my new role," Dong said firmly.

To prepare for his upcoming responsibilities, he has read many parenting books and learned from the experiences of others.

When he first suggested quitting his job to stay home with his son, his wife didn't agree. But when she learned that the gains in the stock investments were far beyond her prediction, she changed her mind. " Actually, the rest my family is neither pro nor con on this issue," He said.

When asked if he will change his mind on staying at home if his finances suffer a setback, Mika stated firmly that he won't. "I will not change my idea no matter what happens to my stock investment," he said. (More)