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New restaurant branch delivers Jumbo-sized delight

Updated: 2016-01-29

( China Daily )

Made using red chilies, shrimp paste, lime and a variety of other spices, sambal belacan is an indispensable condiment in Singapore that seemingly goes well with anything. The version served at Jumbo is as authentic as any you would get at a good restaurant or zi char (meaning cooked food in the Hokkien dialect) stall in Singapore.

Another well-loved local favorite that Jumbo does particularly well is the seafood hor fun (rice noodles). Distinctively Singaporean because of its unmistakable wok hei, an aromatic, smoky flavor that comes from the deliberate charring of the noodles, this is quite likely the most authentic Singapore hor fun one would ever get in Shanghai.

"The wok hei in the Singaporean and Malaysian version of the hor fun is something the Hong Kong chefs here cannot achieve because to them it's a taboo to burn the noodles. This type of wok hei is very unique to our region," says Ang.

"All our crabs are air-flown into Shanghai from various sources like Sri Lanka and the Philippines. To ensure quality and accuracy of taste, we import our own sauces as well because the ingredients found here in China are expensive and just not as good as in Singapore and Southeast Asia," says Ang, who notes that Shanghai diners pay a premium to get such a careful replication of Singaporean flavor.

"Quality control also extends to the staff. For example, there is a Singaporean manager and chef stationed in every Jumbo outlet here in Shanghai."

For now, Jumbo Seafood is looking to expand its footprint exclusively in Shanghai, which Ang says is the perfect springboard should it decide to enter other Chinese cities in the future.

If you go

3/F, 8 Century Avenue, IFC Mall, Level 3, Pudong New District, Shanghai, 021-6895-3977.



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