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Preferential policies

Updated: 2014-09-29

The government has given the Lujiazui zone many preferential policies. The State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the PRC (SAIC) plans to set up a modern enterprise registration system that can better serve the companies in Shanghai. The SAIC will also support the modern service industry and new industries in Shanghai.

Preferential policies

It supports Pudong as a pioneer in reform and opening-up, especially in key industries and important production procedures. It will also enhance the role of the marketplace, releasing 18 policies to promote the development of key projects and industrial bases with more new policies to follow.

The companies in this zone follow three policies, based on an annual assessment, human capital investment and the installment of registered capital.

The government encourages diverse ways to set up the companies in Pudong, including options such as equity contribution, foreign investment, industrial structure upgrades and factor market innovation. These options are also summarized in eight new policies.

Customs policy: advanced and facilitative with e-customs brokerage capabilities

Border entry and exit: facilitative border entry and exit

Incentives: Incentives will be awarded to multi-national and domestic company headquarters, commercial and trade, modern service, shipping and high-tech companies and other key projects in this zone based on performance and contributions.