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Cao Heping talks about spirit of Jilin merchants

( ejilin.gov.cn )

The Changchun Ouya (Group) Co's chairman, Cao Heping, believed Jilin merchants should take advantage of opportunities to seek development and start up their own businesses.

"I believe those born in Jilin or working or used to work here all fall into the category of Jilin merchants," Cao said. "Everyone has different views when talking about Jilin merchant culture, which should be discussed from the shaping of city. Changchun is an immigrant city, and so is Jilin. Characteristics of migrants determine the whole city culture to be inclusive and open. The land of Jilin has brought together entrepreneurs from all sides, and they form a diverse culture, which has become a heritage in later development."

Cao said it's an opportune time to sum up the connotation of Jilin merchant culture, which enables everyone to have a clear understanding and can bring everyone together to pool their strength. "There's always a spiritual pillar that keeps one going ahead when pursuing life value," Cao said.

"Jilin merchants have made it today, and their spirit is undoubtedly the soul. So, how do you understand the spirit of Jilin merchants?"

Cao said he especially admires the entrepreneurship and integrity in the Jilin merchants. "The spirit of Jilin merchants is inclusiveness, opening-up, entrepreneurship and integrity," Cao said. “The current Jilin merchants are all late-comers, and they have inherited the spirit. They have developed brands and carried the flag for Jilin merchants." Cao said people from different regions have come to Jilin to start businesses and have reaped successes with many having gone to other parts of the country and establishing themselves.

In this way, starting up businesses is a major part of the Jilin merchants. Jilin merchants are straightforward, which is a commendatory term.

It's a good evaluation by the outside world and the good name enables them to get off to a good start while carrying out work and paving the way for better future development of the Jilin merchants.