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Province explores new growth

By Liu Mingtai and Hao Nan ( China Daily )

A proposal for social and economic development in Jilin province for the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20) gained approval at the 6th plenary session of the 10th Jilin Provincial Party Committee.

The two-day meeting, which started on Nov 24 in the capital Changchun, brought together 56 members and seven alternate members of the Party committee.

At the meeting, the committee put forward the goal of producing a harmonious society over the next five years and adopting reform measures to explore "new roads of development", as required by President Xi Jinping.

"During the 13th Five-Year Plan, we will continue to streamline administrations, decentralize institutes, increase government capacity to govern and stimulate markets," said Su Heng, deputy secretary -general of the Jilin government.

According to the proposal, Jilin will accelerate its industrial restructuring and promote innovation to rejuvenate old industrial bases.

The province will improve its major traditional industries such as auto, petroleum and agricultural product processing; increase growth in competitive industries such as medicine and healthcare, equipment manufacturing, construction and tourism; and pursue innovations in emerging sectors such as new energy and materials, mini satellites and unmanned aerial vehicles.

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