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Birds migrate through NE China's wetlands


Birds migrate through NE China's wetlands

Flying wild geese pass over the white crane crowd feeding themselves in the Momoge Wetland, Jilin province. [Photo by Pan Shengyu/ chinajilin.com.cn]

Jilin province has taken a lot of effort to take care of the ecological system of Momoge Wetland, in the province's Zhenlai county, Baicheng city.

This wetland is in an arid, sandy area in the western part of the province and is the largest wetland reserve in Jilin and lies in the direct path of the main bird migration route in East Asia, and, as such, plays a vital role in the environment, climate and ecology. It has been called "West Jilin's kidneys".

The province has connected several rivers and lakes to channel water to the wetland and has returned farmland into forest, dealt harshly with illegal exploitation and has seen some great improvements in the ecology.

This spring, the wetlands saw large flocks of white cranes, one of the main migratory species, paying the area a visit. The migrating fowl have 298 varieties, including the oriental white crane, swan, grey crane, ducks, geese, and swans, and millions of birds, making a splendid sight of the wetland.

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