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NE China spending big to build a more livable city

( chinadaily.com.cn )

The city of Changchun, capital of Jilin province, has announced that it will put 33 billion yuan ($5.31 billion) into its ecology and environment to promote its urban transformation and produce a more livable city.

To accomplish this, the government says it will concentrate on the following:

1. Pollution prevention and landscape, with the focus on sewage treatment along the Yitong River, improving air quality, and its "2-horizontal,3-longitudinal" expressway greening.

2. Static and dynamic traffic, where it will promote rail traffic and complete all engineering on Metro Line 1 in 2016, begin work on Metro Line 2 and finish it in 2017. It will also build more parking lots, with a target of 500,000 lots by the end of the year, and encourage investment in above and below ground parking lots.

3. To support housing, it plans to build or expand nine regional boiler sites, improve 374 secondary water pump stations, add three LNG tanks, and complete a natural gas high-pressure pipe network. It will also build 600 low-cost housing units and 1,429 public housing units, and change 6.5-million square meters of housing.

4. For the urban landscape, market order and security, it will focus on it will focus on building five city highways including the Changji Highway, and renovate its light rail station, railway station, business circle, and airport. It will also improve its facilities maintenance and rebuild 17 bridges, including the Xi'an and Yuan Da bridges. Also, it will improve street and road lighting engineering and the "2-horizontal, 3-longitudinal" expressway project.