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Jilin’s Hunchun transports 2mln roubles to Russia


A bank in Hunchun city, Jilin province recently transported 2 million roubles to Russia's Primorskiy Kray Commercial Bank, local media reported.

It was the first time that the Hunchun Rural Commercial Bank delivered rouble to Russia since the two kicked off cross-border foreign currency transportation last year.

The rouble banknotes were handed over at Russia's Laskino Customs.

Government officials from Hunchun said that the operation would meet trade, travel and overseas study needs of Chinese and Russian enterprises and residents and it would also help boost cross-border transportation of the Chinese currency.

The Hunchun bank and the Russian bank cooperated on the cross-border cash transportation in 2014, in a bid to better handle China-Russia currency settlement boder areas.

Hunchun sits in the junction of China, Russia and South Korea, with an increasing trade with Russia's Primorskiy Kray in recent years.

The city initiated the rouble exchange service in 2010, and opened international bank settlement mechanism in 2014.

Russian bank cards are accepted in Hunchun, too, thanks to the mechanism.