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Jilin weak accessory sector hurting small firms

By He Na ( chinadaily.com.cn )

A better accessories industry is needed to boost the development of China's small high-tech companies, said entrepreneurs in Changchun, Jilin province.

Wu Chengshun, vice-general manager of Jilin Province King Laser Technology Co, is quite unsatisfied with the development of China's current development of accessories industry.

"Our orders are in stock and our customers are already impatient to have their goods delivered. We really want to only focus on new products research, but the problem is that we cannot find companies that can produce the accessories we need as these enterprises only work for big firms," Wu said.

"And their reasons given are reasonable to me as we have high demand of accessories' quality and the amount we need are really small," he said.

"Our products can be designed based on customers' needs, the accessories companies really have not much profit left to work for our orders. We have no choice but make the accessories ourselves which greatly increases our cost and prolonges delivery date," he said.

Wu has visited Germany several times and the country's highly developed accessories producing system impressed him a lot.

"There are many high-tech companies in Germany like what we have in China. But it also has something so important that we do not have: many small but reliable accessories factories," he said.

Manager Gou Yang, from the Northern Chemical Filling Equipment Co, is also facing similar problems.

"As we are dealing with chemicals that are extremely toxic and high risk, the accessories we need have pretty higher quality demand. I do hope more small accessories enterprises can be introduced to help the companies like ours," Gou said.

"Government is playing the role of service and matchmaker to help enterprises solve problems. But it's not capable of everything. The accessory industry will gradually take shape when the production scale of these small enterprises expands quickly," said Fu Cheng, director of Sociology Institute at Jilin Provincial Academy of Social Sciences.