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Small high-tech firms eye better ties with universities

By He Na ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Small high-tech enterprises in Changchun, provincial capital of Northeast China's Jilin province, said they prefer government's support to help them establish close ties with local universities more than financial help.

Wu Chengshun, vice-general manager of Jilin Province King Laser Technology Co, said: "We attach great importance to talent. The government has helped us establish close relationship with universities which provide and train talents we need. And we are really grateful for that."

Wu's company will entrust some research subjects that the company currently do to universities, and teachers and students will do the experiments and provide the company with result and data.

"We also provide internship workshop and materials for students that universities will definitely do not have the ability to do. We will be in charge of training task for some students, but at the same time we will also make use of the chance to choose the ones we prefer. And the excellent ones can work with us after graduation if they want," said Wu.

Many of the company's research staff is from the cooperated universities and they are the most precious fortune of the company and help us keep up with innovative ideas, he added.

"Universities have grasped some new technology, strong scientific research ability and financial support from the central government. But the problem is that many scientific research subjects of the universities are without practical use with students graduating with little practical skills," said Zhao Shukuan, director of School of Management at Jilin University.

The cooperation between King Laser and universities can be expanded to more companies and universities, he said.

"To make use of the talent advantage, we also encourage universities use technology, research projects and research staff as capital stock to invest in high-tech companies. It will be a win-win strategy and good attempt," said Sun Guoqing, director of Changchun Bureau of Science and Technology.