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Jilin's agricultural products enjoy good sales at trade fair

By Liao Wei

"With the improvement of healthcare awareness among the public, our medical materials from the Changbai Mountains area – such as wild acanthopanax shrubs and dandelion, are gaining more and more attention in the market," said a representative from a company in Huinan county, Jilin province, at the ongoing 12th China Agriculture Trade Fair.

Jilin's agricultural products enjoy good sales at trade fair

"It is our first visit to this agriculture trade fair. Our products were well received in the fairs in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Xinjiang," the representative added.

This was one of more than 400 enterprises from Jilin province that brought their high-quality agricultural products to the China Agriculture Trade Fair, which opened on Oct 25 and will last until 28 in Qingdao, East China’s Shandong province.

Jilin province displayed 10 categories and more than 1,000 kinds of agricultural products with its own regional characteristics at the fair, including ginseng, wood frog, and sika deer, at the event.

About 100 varieties of food, medicines and healthcare products from local ginseng manufacturers gained great attention among visitors and enjoyed good sales in the exhibition area of Jilin province.

The province carried out a group of preferential policies and provided special funds to promote its leading agricultural brands across China in recent years, according to an official in charge of marketing department of the provincial agriculture authority.

Jilin's agricultural products enjoy good sales at trade fair
A Jilin farmer is showing a ginseng at a local market.[Photo provided to Chinadaily]