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The best classic tour

On the “classic tour”, tourists visit the most famous and most worthwhile tourist destinations.

The best cultural tourist route

Hubei enjoys a long history and timeless culture. Once known as Chu State, the culture and art in Hubei reflects deep Jing-Chu cultural influences.

The best eco-tourist route

With the nourishment of shrouding water vapor, Hubei is endowed with vast “green clothes.” Shennongjia is the only well-preserved subtropical forest ecosystem in the middle latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere.

The best classic tour – a date with metropolises

Today, most of the cities have become modern metropolises and are being shaped into large metropolitan regions, including Wuhan Metropolitan Region in eastern Hubei, Yichang Metropolitan Region in western Hubei and Xiangyang Metropolitan Region in northern Hubei.

The best leisure tourist route

Situated in the heart of China, Hubei offers abundant leisurely tourist activities from its beautiful natural landscape. Flowers, hot springs, and river rafting are merely a few of the attractions that the area offers.

The best rural tourist route

Chinese culture is rooted in farming activities and for thousands of years, the people of China have been full of awe, veneration and attachment to land.

The best tourist route for photographers

Hubei, covering 185,900 square km, is in the heart of China and on the border between step 2 and step 3 terraces. Unique geological conditions have created the region’s diverse natural landscape.

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