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The best leisure tourist route

Updated: 2011-12-12

■ Prize winning route: Wuhan University – East Lake – Mo Mountain – Yellow Crane Tower – Museum of the 1911 Revolution - Qingchuan Pavilion - Modern historical buildings in Hankou - Tribe of Three Gorges – Xiling Gorge - Three Gorges Dam – Qingjiang River gallery

■ Prize winning reason: This route links East Lake, Three Gorges, Qingjiang River and other mountain and water landscapes in Hubei. It is the best option for a relaxing trip to experience the cool waters of Hubei.

■ Highlights of the route: Tourists may stroll along East Lake, linger along the Yangtze River, sing songs on the Three Gorges and let their hair down on Qingjiang River.

More and more urban dwellers are looking to travel away from cities and relax in natural landscapes. Situated in the heart of China, Hubei offers abundant leisurely tourist activities from its beautiful natural landscape. Flowers, hot springs, and river rafting are merely a few of the attractions that the area offers.

For a relaxing sightseeing tour, visit the vast East Lake and the magnificent Yangtze River in Wuhan, the Three Gorges, Qingjiang River gallery and mysterious Shennongjia in Yichang, the holy Taoist Wudang Mountain in Shiyan, and the Honghu Lake in Jingzhou. To marvel at flowers, appreciate the cherry blossoms in Wuhan University, azaleas in Yunwu Mountain, Huangpi, peach blossoms on Hebao Lake, pear flowers from pear orchards in Hannan district and the peony garden, lotus flowers, osmanthus, and plum blossoms along the East Lake in spring, summer, autumn and winter respectively. .

While in Hubei, relax in hot springs or enjoy the thrills of river rafting. Hubei has numerous hot springs: Xianning Hot Spring, Yingcheng Tangchi Hot Spring and Jingshan Hot Spring. Xianning Hot Spring is one of the twelve “lands of hot spring” in China and enjoys the reputation of “No. 1 spring in Central China”. Hubei also has more than 30 rafting sites, mainly in Huanggang, Yichang, Xianning, Enshi and Jingshan. These sites include: military rafting on the Yangjia Stream, rafting on the Gulong Stream, rafting in the wild man valley, and rafting on Badong Shennong Stream.

Visit Hubei for a relaxing and leisurely trip as you immerse yourselves in its mountains.