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Li Bin thanks the Koreans for help with MERS patient

Source: en.nhfpc.gov.cn

By Feng Hui

Updated: 2015-06-17

Li Bin, minister of China’s National Health and Family Planning Commission has written to Moon Hyung-pyo, South Korea’s minister of health and welfare, on June 11 to express appreciation for the country’s medical treatment of Chinese citizen working in Korea who was confirmed to be suffering from the MERS virus.

Li added that she hopes the patient can recover soon with proper treatment and care from Korean doctors and that she hopes the commission can get regular updates on the patient’s status.

Li went on to say that the fight against communicable diseases requires a joint effort of everyone concerned and that the Chinese government is ready to provide all the support and assistance it can for Korea in dealing with the disease and that China and Korea should have close communication in fighting the disease.

Previously, when China reported a MERS case involving a Korean, Moon wrote to Li to express gratitude for China’s medical help and a desire for stronger communications and cooperation in dealing with the virus. At the same time, specialists from both countries had a teleconference to exchange ideas about MERS prevention.


Link: China's Central Government / World Health Organization / United Nations Population Fund / UNICEF in China

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