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General Office


Being responsible for documents processing, meetings, confidential work, archives, supervision and other daily operations of the National Health and Family Planning Commission; Investigating and researching on major issues ; drafting important documents; and taking care of making government affairs transparent, security and confidentiality, and letters and calls.

Department of Personnel


Drafting health and family planning human resources development policy, being in charge of personnel management, set-up and forces construction of the Administration and directly affiliated institutions,formulating and implementing various health professional and technical personnel qualification standards, and conducting training for health and family planning management candidates.

Department of Finance


Managing budget and final accounts, finance and assets; conducting internal audit of the Administration and budget management units; drafting drugs and medical equipment procurement regulation; offering advice on pricing policy of medical services and drugs; and guiding and supervising social maintenance fee management

Department of Law and Legislation


Drafting health and family planning policies and standards, as well as laws, regulations and rules; reviewing the legitimacy of the normative documents; conducting administrative reviews; and responding to administrative litigation

Department of Planning and Information


Making long-term development plans for health and family planning programs, overall planning and coordinating national health and family planning service resource allocation.

Department of Healthcare Reform (Office of State Council Healthcare Reform Leading Group)


Serving as the office of State Council Healthcare Reform Leading Group; offering advice on major principles, policies and measures to deepen the healthcare reform; supervising the implementation of matters agreed at leadership group meetings; and pushing forward the public hospital reform

Health Emergency Response Office (Public Health Emergency Command Center)


Drafting health emergency response and emergency medical relief policy, regulation, planning and standard measures; guiding the national health emergency response system construction and capacity building; guiding and coordinating public health emergency preparedness, monitoring and early warning, treatment and rescue, summary and evaluation

Bureau of Disease Prevention and Control (Office of the National Patriotic Health Campaign Committee)


Drafting plans for national major disease prevention and control as well as national immunization programs, making and implementing interventional measures against public health problems that cause serious damage, improving the disease prevention and control system, preventing and controlling the occurrence and spread of epidemic diseases

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