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Updated: 2014-05-07

1、To draft laws and regulations for health and family planning and the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine, draw up policies, plans, standards and technical specifications, coordinate the healthcare reform and medical security system, plan the resource allocation of health and family planning services, and offer guidance for the formulation and implementation of regional planning of health and family planning.

2、To make the plans of disease prevention and control as well as the National Immunization Program; carry out interventions for public health issues that seriously endanger people’s health; draft catalogs for quarantining and monitoring infectious diseases; make plans for health emergency response and medical relief; monitor public health emergency and draft risk assessment programs; organize and guide prevention and control in case of any public health emergency and offer medical aid; and release information on legally designated infectious diseases and on the management of public health emergencies.

3、To make regulations, standards and policies about occupational health, radiological health, environmental health, school health, public place health and sanitary standards for drinking water; supervise the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, organize risk monitoring and assessment on food safety, draw up and release food safety standards, and review the safety of food, food additives, new materials and new kinds of related products.

4、To draft and carry out development planning and policies for primary care, family planning services and maternal and child health; guide the construction of a service system for primary care, family planning and maternal and child health, promote the equalization of basic public health and family planning services, and to improve new management mechanisms for community level health institutions and that of rural doctors.

5、To formulate and carry out administrative measures for medical institutions and medical services industry; draw up and implement regulations and standards for medical institutions’ services, medical techniques, healthcare quality, medical safety and management measures for blood collection and supply agencies; jointly make qualification standards for health professionals with other related departments and draw up the rules of practice and service norms for health professionals; and set up assessment and supervision system for medical service.

6、To promote reform at public hospitals; set up public welfare-oriented performance appraisal and assessment system, advocate harmonious relationship between doctors and patients; and give advice for medical services and drug price policy.

7、To organize the formulation of a national drug policy, national essential medicine system and a national essential medicine list; draft a management system for the procurement, distribution and use of essential medicine; jointly give advice with related departments for the production of drugs on the national essential medicine list; give suggestions on the pricing policy of national essential medicine; and compile pharmaceutical codex.

8、To improve fertility policy and carry out measures for gender balance at birth; monitor the development trend for family planning and give suggestions on release of family planning risks early warning information; formulate and supervise the implementation of family planning service and management system; formulate and supervise the implementation of policies for improving the health of the newborns; and make efforts to implement family planning and reproductive health promotion program in order to reduce birth defects.

9、To set up benefit-oriented mechanisms, supporting measures for families with special difficulties and family development policies; coordinate and promote related departments and social groups to carry out their responsibilities for family planning; build mechanisms suitable for economic and social development and take measures to stablize a low bearing level.

10、To build family planning service and management system for migrant population, and promote the establishment of information sharing and public service provision mechanism for migrant people.

11、To draft national health and family planning human resources development plan and give suggestions on forces construction;; strengthen professional training of general physicians and other urgently needed health professionals, establish and improve standardized training system for resident physicians and specialist physicians; and guide its implementation.

12、To draw up a science and technology development plan for health and family planning; carry out scientific research programs related to health and family planning; participate in planning medical education and give collaborative instruction to universities on teaching medical science and family planning; and organize medical education after graduation and continued medical education.

13、To give guidance to local health and family planning authorities, improve comprehensive supervision and law enforcement system; monitor the implementation of laws, regulations, policies and measures inspection; organize and investigate major violations; and oversee and carry out one vote veto system.

14、To publicize health and family planning policies; carry out health education and promotion; compile health statistics through investigation and contribute to the construction of a national population database. To guide international exchange and cooperation and health aid to foreign countries, organize exchange and cooperation with Hong Kong and Macao.

15、To make middle-to-long-term development strategies for Traditional Chinese Medicine and integrate it into the overall plan of health and family planning.

16、To coordinate medical care for government officials; manage health profiles of relevant government officials and provide medical services at major national conferences and events.

17、To undertake the daily work of the Patriotic Health Campaign Committee Office, the State Council’s Leading Group for Deepening Health Reform, and the State Council AIDS Working Committee.

18、To perform other tasks given by the State Council.


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