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Prague Declaration on Health Cooperation and Development with Central and East Europe

At the first Sino-Central and Eastern Europe Health Ministers Forum, in the city of Prague, capital of the Czech Republic on June 16, there were impressive results When the Prague Declaration on Health Cooperation and Development Between China and Central and Eastern Europe countries was announced.

2014 report on Chinese resident’s chronic disease and nutrition

Chronic disease and nutrition of urban and rural residents is an important indicator of a country's economic and social development, healthcare and population health quality.

The 2015 Report of Disease Prevention and Control Progress in China

Disease prevention and control is a pivotal healthcare career that protects public health and improves people’s life.

Full Text: Report on the Work of the Government (2015)

Following is the full text of the Report on the Work of the Government delivered by Premier Li Keqiang at the Third Session of the Twelfth National People’s Congress on March 5, 2015.


The BRICS Health Ministers met in Brasilia on December 5, 2014, at the Fourth Meeting of Ministers of Health of the BRICS.

China releases 2013 health and family planning statistics

China’s National Health and Family Planning Commission recently released its 2013 statistical bulletin, which shows that the health of Chinese people has been further improved and the allocation of health resources has been further optimized.

2014 food safety guideline issues

Authorities will launch nationwide inspections on edible agricultural products, infant formula, livestock and poultry slaughtering, meat products and cooking oil in order to clean up production processes and crack down on illegal operations.

Medical and Health Services in China

Good health is a prerequisite for promoting all-round development of the person. And it is a common pursuit of human societies to improve people's health and ensure their right to medical care. For China, a large developing country, medical and healthcare is of vital importance to its population of over 1.3 billion, and is a major issue concerning its people's well being.

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