Anhui in My Eyes
Qiyun Mountain, Home of Taoists
Mulian Opera in Qimen Town
An unforgettable night in a tent in Huangshan
Travel tips of Yellow Mountain
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Travel in groups
Traveling in China is exciting and now offers more flexibility.

Taking photographs or videos of military installations is prohibited. Most museums, palaces, or temples will not allow photograph to be taken.

Medical Service
If traveling in the countryside, there may be no appropriate medical services beyond primary health care.

China Daily, an English-language newspaper, is published in China daily.

Domestic mail delivery is exceedingly fast and cheap.

There are no special requirements of short-term travelers with the exception of those coming from or via an infected area.

Foreign Currency Conversion
Conversion services are available in China for most foreign currencies. The Chinese bank handles conversion of the above-mentioned foreign currencies into RMB or vice versa.

Temporary Entry
Goods imported in China for display or demonstration at trade shows and exhibitions are exempt from Customs duty, provided they are re-exported within three months.

If you are coming for travel, you should have a tourist visa.

Tips on gift giving
Chinese do not usually accept a gift, invitation or favor when it is first presented.