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Three ancient relics detected in Taiping Lake
Updated: 2014-03-18

Many people know that there is an ancient city relic under Chaohu Lake. However, few know there is also an ancient city relic dating back to the Ming and Tsing Dynasties under Taiping Lake in Huangshan Mountain, Anhui province.

From March 2 to 3, an expeditionary team from the Provincial Institute of Archaeology and the National Museum's Underwater Archaeology Research Center, came to Taiping Lake to undertake mysterious underwater archaeological work.

According to Huangshan's Heritage Bureau , after a two-day search, the archaeological team ascertained that under Taiping Lake there are three relics from the Ming and Tsing dynasties.

Xiang Jun, a staff member from Taiping, is involved with this archaeological work. He says that, during the underwater archaeological work, professional underwater archaeologists from Beijing carried advanced archaeological equipment – including underwater robots and sonar. Having put the underwater robot into water, the archaeological team was clearly able to see , the underwater world through the ship's computer monitor.Meanwhile, the sonar scanned the underwater sites through sound waves. In two days, the archaeological team collected a great deal of data.

According to local county-level historical records, during the 1970s when the Chencun Village Reservoir (later renamed Taiping Lake) was under construction, the local government moved local residents to other places, and many well-preserved ancient buildings from the Ming and Tsing Dynasties were subsequently submerged by water.