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Luxury ... ...

Touch of class
A dark suit, an overcoat, a pipe and a hat are the traditional elements that make up a refined English gentleman's wardrobe. A number of luxury brands offer similar product lines, but Alfred Dunhill believes that it is the definitive English luxury goods brand for men, and that they represent the best of England's rich cultural heritage.

French flair
On the evening of December 18, traffic on Beijing's East Third Ring Road came to a standstill. Vehicles were backed up for at least three kilometres. This was not typical Friday evening rush hour traffic, however. It looked more like a huge event was being held, and that half of the city had stopped for it.

Soft skin
Premier fashion designer Coco Chanel once said that luxury was not the opposite of poverty, but rather the opposite of vulgarity. With this in mind, fur is undoubtedly a must-have item for any refined woman looking to add a unique, elegant and noble touch to her wardrobe.

Taking charge
Its expansion in China is exactly like its brand spirit: ambitious and pioneering. The plan is to establish a presence on showcase shopping streets and prime locations in every important city in the country. Fashionable menswear label HUGO BOSS is certainly not pulling any punches on the Chinese market.

New arrivals
Charming fragrance
Chanel ALLURE SENSUELLLE is undeniably attractive, a resolute expression of an authentic and confident personality. It is casually elegant and charismatic.


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