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Total recall
When it rains, it pours. A slew of foreign and domestic carmakers have shaken the mainland auto industry recently by pulling a number of different vehicles off the Chinese market due to defects and other potential problems.

Super fresh
Huang Juan used to buy her daily necessities from a small market near her home. It was a typical neighbourhood market in Beijing run by private dealers selling their products at much cheaper prices than the large grocery chains.

Recent auto recalls in China
On February 22, Porsche announced it would recall 60 Carrera S 997 sports cars due to defective exhaust pipes.

Stricter standards
A number of internationally known brands including Nestle, Kraft, Haagen-Dazs, KFC and Heinz have been relegated to Chinese consumer blacklists over the past year amid controversy over questionable food quality standards.

Spot light
Camera quality
Sony Corp of China suspended the distribution of six of its digital camera models on the Chinese mainland on December 16 after the Industrial and Commercial Administration of East China's Zhejiang Province found problems with the cameras' liquid crystal displays (LCDs), automatic exposures and white balances.


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