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Art Investment ... ...
The famille rose Tibetan-style jar, made in 18th-century China, was sold by Nagel Auctions in Stuttgart two weeks ago.

Chinese Connection
European collectors like their artists dead, and many buyers are so old they are not far off eternal rest themselves, but China's new generation of art investors are young, extravagant and they'll buy a piece they like even before the paint has dried.

Fine art and soul
Ulrich Sigg has amassed the world's largest collection of contemporary Chinese art. Now, growing competition from Asian collectors is pricing him out of a market he helped create.

An oil painting, titled "Blue-and White Ceramics and Girl" (right) set to be auctioned with a floor price of 450,000 yuan (US$55,600) by Zhongding International Auction Co Ltd on December 11 at the Tianlun Dynasty Hotel in Beijing.

The "Picking" (right), a coloured ink painting by Chinese artist Huang Zhou (1925-1997), is to go under the hammer at an auction on December 7 in Tianjin.

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