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Environmental law needs to be improved: says minister

[2015-03-10 09:23]

A lot more needs to be done to provide watchdogs with teeth and make it impossible for the watchdogs to become the accomplices of polluters.

Graft crackdown set to intensify

[2015-03-10 07:55]

The government's anti-corruption campaign has been underway for two years now, and while many support the move, others complain that the process has taken too long and hasn't gone far enough.

Beijing's slogan banners out of step, scholar says

[2015-03-10 07:55]

Beijing's big Chinese-character slogans, seen at many intersections and subway stations, have been criticized as creating confusion about the city's international image.

Law revisions to limit local governments

[2015-03-10 09:29]

Amendments to China's Legislation Law are expected to limit arbitrary administrative orders of local governments, according to law experts, Xinhua reported.

Yao Ming wants focus on his proposals not his star status

[2015-03-10 10:22]

Basketball legend Yao Ming is arguably both the tallest and the highest-profile political adviser in the country, and his views on sports development always attract attention.

Deputy guards the interests of nation's security workers

[2015-03-10 07:55]

Large numbers of security guards quit their jobs every year because of low pay and a lack of training that restricts their chances of gaining promotion. Others suffer abuse and even violence from the public.

Daily snapshots of 'two sessions' - March 9

[2015-03-10 07:53]

A security personnel stands guard during the second plenary meeting of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, March 9, 2015.

China mulls harsher anti-corruption laws

[2015-03-09 18:39]

Chinese legislature is speeding up efforts to make harsher laws to fight corruption, a senior law official said Monday.