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New bureau set to boost graft fight

[2015-03-14 05:39]

A super anti-graft bureau will be set up to tackle corruption, Procurator-General Cao Jianming says in an interview with China Daily.

One Minute: Camera can lie, volunteers ensure security and police need protection

[2015-03-14 15:14]

In today's two sessions, camera angle sets tongues rolling, volunteers secure venues, call to protect police officers and whether to give birth or not.

Taking the fight to the terrorists

[2015-03-14 10:10]

China's lawmakers are putting the final touches on new, unprecedented legislation aimed at preventing attacks, identifying and apprehending suspects.

Private firms have a hand in national cyber security sector

[2015-03-14 16:27]

"The government should encourage players from the local market, especially private companies, who are actively participating in the cyber security field, to take part in the development of national information security," said Chen Jianguo, a member of the CPPCC National Committee.

Yu: Streaming lessons over Web could transform rural education

[2015-03-14 08:17]

Yu Minhong's remarkable career, which has seen him go from being an English teacher at Peking University to CEO of the country's largest private educational institution, inspired a generation of young hopefuls to fulfill their dreams.

Control on taxi licenses 'should' be eased

[2015-03-14 12:08]

While safety concerns need to be addressed, the first task should be to increase the number of taxis by letting go some of the controls.

Historical images of 'two sessions'

[2015-03-14 08:58]

Since the third session of the 7th NPC, a palm-sized anonymous electronic voting system was installed on the table of each representative.

China further streamlines administrative approval

[2015-03-13 21:23]

The State Council, China's Cabinet, decided to further streamline administrative power by canceling or delegating 90 administrative approvals to local governments.