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Daily snapshots of 'two sessions' - March 7

[2015-03-08 08:10]

CPPCC member and Nobel laureate Mo Yan, center, takes a selfie with director Yin Li, right, and conductor Yu Hai, left, who are both CPPCC members, at a seminar on March 7.

Huge emission cuts needed to get back blue sky: environment minister

[2015-03-07 16:41]

Authorities should bring down major pollutant emissions from tens of millions of tons to millions of tons, says environmental protection minister.

Chinese spent $160b on overseas goods: Commerce Minister

[2015-03-07 11:31]

Main reason for the boom in overseas consumption is price difference between domestic and international markets, says Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng.

Deputies want pension reform

[2015-03-07 13:01]

Some national legislators say it is unfair that the government would not return the excess amount of the pension money if a retired worker dies.

Cigarette prices recommended to rise

[2015-03-07 14:35]

A national political adviser proposed to raise the price of cigarettes and the tobacco tax rate by 30 percent to reduce smoking.

One Minute: New environment minister, traditional Chinese and smart livelihood

[2015-03-07 14:31]

Today at the two sessions, New environment minister impresses with English phrases, film director wants focus back on traditional Chinese, and Internet tycoons pitch for smart living.

Xi tackles pollution on two fronts

[2015-03-07 07:25]

Party chief and President Xi Jinping pledged on Friday to clear up two kinds of pollution — political and environmental — that have caused the most public concern.

Li calls cross-Bohai Strait passage a 'must-have' for region

[2015-03-07 08:26]

Premier Li Keqiang firmly supports the idea to build a cross-Bohai Strait passage, equivalent to nearly two times the length of the UK's Channel Tunnel, a move to promote regional logistics and encourage investment.