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Finance Minister denies 300b yuan govt spending of public funds

[2015-03-06 11:42]

China's Finance Minister denied rumors that the government spent 300 billion yuan ($47.9 billion) on public vehicles, receptions and trips on Friday.

Govt work report took views of foreigners, netizens

[2015-03-06 16:41]

Foreign experts were for the first time invited to give opinion on the drafting of the government work report, said the leader of the team responsible for drawing up the report.

One Minute: High salaries spurned, actress runs away

[2015-03-06 16:17]

Today at the two sessions, delegates ask where seized assets go in corruption busts, former environment minister keeps mum, transport minister can’t win car license lottery and actress threatens to run away from reporters.

Blast from the past: Celebrities at 'two sessions'

[2015-03-06 15:46]

Pan Hong, a widely-known Chinese actress since the beginning of 1980s and still active in TV dramas, at the two sessions in 1988.

'New Normal' is not bad for China, says Dutch reporter

[2015-03-06 19:30]

Oscar Garschagen, from NRC Media, the Netherlands, shares his views during China's two sessions.

Life on the edge

[2015-03-06 18:27]

Born and raised in a cliff-side village in Southwest China's Sichuan, Luo and more than 300 villagers, mostly ethnic Yi people, have mastered the skill of climbing down the 800-meter cliff on ladders, as the only path leading to the outside world was along the wild Daduhe River under the wall.

Journey of a security guard to Great Hall

[2015-03-06 14:01]

Talking about the high attrition rate among security guards, a deputy of the National People's Congress becomes upset.

Top planner vows to tackle graft

[2015-03-06 09:00]

The head of the country's top economic planning body has vowed to continue fighting corruption in the coming months following a series of scandals that hit the organization last year.