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The 18th CPC Central Committee, composed of more than 200 senior Party officials, will convene its third plenum on November 9-12 to discuss major economic and social issues concerning comprehensive reform.

  • China embarks on era of key reforms

    2013-12-05 16:15

    The third plenum of the Communist Party of China ushered in a major phase of comprehensive and deeper reforms for the world's second largest economy.

  • Money and tax system reforms

    2013-11-30 08:14

    In other words, financial reform is more than "reform of money" - it means the reform of several important relationships to better propel the country's economic development.

  • Syria and the coming of a new world order

    2013-11-30 08:14

    By pushing for political resolutions, China has been playing a constructive role in the Syrian crisis as well as the Iranian nuclear issue.

  • Relaxed rule may not be enough to raise more kids

    2013-11-30 08:14

    Until these basic needs are met, having a second child will continue to be an elusive dream for many loving parents.

  • Plenum focuses on intellectual property rights

    2013-11-28 07:22

    China has reiterated the importance of protecting intellectual property rights and encouraging innovation in its plans for economy and society.

  • Defenders of social fairness

    2013-11-28 07:22

    The authorities demanded that independent adjudicatory and procuratorial power should be guaranteed in the country in accordance with the laws.

  • The new face of opening-up

    2013-11-28 07:22

    China would develop a new open economic system, adapt to the trends of globalization and combine "bringing-in" and "going-out" investment approaches.

  • Reform to strengthen military

    2013-11-28 07:22

    Contrary to the "China military threat" theory, the largest military is the result of low level of military modernization and the country's population.

  • To bite, the CSRC needs legal teeth

    2013-11-26 07:22

    Speaking at the annual conference of Caijing, Xiao reportedly stated that there would be no reform without a sea change in the regulatory fundamentals.

  • Green dream for reforms

    2013-11-26 07:22

    The plenum's outcome indicates that economic development remains China's central objective and is vital to its national development.

  • CPC's plenum focus on national security

    2013-11-26 07:22

    At this moment of modernization, China needs a security layout and institutional coordination among those in charge of its national security system.

  • Integrated realty registration

    2013-11-22 07:20

    The State Council recently decided to integrate into one department the responsibilities for real estate registration, which are currently distributed among multiple departments.

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