China opposes Internet war, cyber armament race

Updated: 2011-12-09 16:57

By Sun Chi (

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China proposed an opposition to any Internet war or cyberspace armament race during the fifth US-China Internet Industry Forum held in Washington on Dec 7 and 8, according to China News Service.

During the two-day forum, China and US covered the responsibilities of Internet service providers and the development of Internet regulations and Internet security.

China’s vulnerable network has become a victim of major overseas hacker attacks, said Qian Xiaoqian, vice minister of the State Council Information Office. He pointed out that 4.5 million PCs in the country had been attacked by Trojan viruses from IPs abroad in 2010, an increase of more than 16 times from 2009.

Qian stressed in his keynote address: "China opposes any kind of hacker attacks and cyberspace armament race."

China as a developing country is far less capable of maintaining Internet security than the developed counties, facing a much bigger threat of online attacks. China is willing to enhance collaborations with US and other countries to sustain a secure cyberspace, Qian said.

He also said many countries’ cases in recent years have shown that China needs not only a rapid Internet development but also a favorable administration. China has always pursued a govern-by-law policy in Internet governance and has proposed joint management by related institutions.

Qian further made three suggestions for mutual trust, mutual respect and mutual benefits: first, mutual respect and understanding through honest conversations and communications, seeking common development and common ground while reserving differences. Second, playing to respective advantages and pushing forward practical cooperation. Third, joint combats of Internet crimes.

Chinese Ambassador to the United States Zhang Yesui said the Sino-US relationship has become one of the most important and dynamic bilateral relationships in the global community, which should not be a "zero sum game". It was important to enhancing the bilateral talks and cooperation to facilitate Internet development in the two countries and the world.

Robert D. Hormats, US undersecretary for Economic, Energy and Agricultural Affairs, praised the fifth round of this forum. "In recent years, our two governments have moved forward, launching the Strategic and Economic Dialogue and meeting regularly to discuss a wide range of mutual concerns," Hormats said. "Continuing these conversations demonstrates both the progress that has been made as well as the ground we have yet to cover."

US-China Internet Industry Forum is co-hosted by the Internet Society of China and Microsoft, and has grown into one of the most important communicative platforms for Sino-US Internet collaboration.